Cliodhna Hughes
President & FamiLing Coordinator

Cliodhna is a second-year linguistics student, still interested in all aspects of linguistics, but particularly phonetics and language acquisition. She is also the national chair for ULAB this year. Outside of linguistics she enjoys playing underwater hockey, glass fusing and making unbrielievable cheese puns. Occasionally she remembers that she also likes playing viola.

Michael Goessler

Michael is a second-year undergraduate linguistics student and as secretary of LingSoc currently signing the society’s weekly newsletter. When not straying into semantics or language philosophy, he is mostly interested in morphology and historical linguistics (especially Paleo-European languages) or hides from the sun to work on one of the conlangs of his fantasy world. Outside of linguistics, he spends most of his time passionately procrastinating over his non-existent screenwriting career, playing the trumpet, overthinking stuff, or trying to cut down to just five societies (for some reason that never works).

Réka Siró
Treasurer & FamiLing Coordinator

Réka is a fourth year Linguistics and English Language student. Other than fun Treasurer activities, such as creating tidy spreadsheets and counting the loose change in the Society's lockbox, her hobbies include are baking, reading and drawing. She has a special interest in syntax, natural language processing and language contact.


Aaron Merriel

Aaron is a second-year Linguistics and Social Anthropology Student and the Vice President this year. Currently he is interested in discourse analysis and pragmatics in relation to societal taboos and stigma. Most of his free time is spent either cooking or reading, along with being an active member of multiple other societies since he doesn't know how to function when not busy. 

Angel Garmpi
Talks Organiser

Angel is a MSc by Research student in Linguistics after finishing an MA Hons degree in Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh. Her primary research interests at the moment centre around language and identity, sociocultural linguistics, and linguistic anthropology; but she is also interested in language evolution and minority language policy and planning.
When not doing academic or LingSoc-related things, she can be found reading (favourite form of procrastination), making fun recipes from home, tending to her fussy bonsai, or doing something music-related (and being the kind of person that always has headphones on).

Em Charreteur
Talks Organiser

Em is a third-year Linguistics student with a particular interest in second language acquisition and the links between language, gender and sexuality (who sometimes also really enjoys syntax). Outside of linguistics, she likes playing the guitar (quite badly), drawing (even worse), going for walks, listening to fiction podcasts, and the Oxford comma.

Andrej Gregus
Paper Discussions Organiser


Alexandra Popescu
Social Secretary

Alex is a second-year Linguistics and Social Anthropology student with a particular interest into historical linguistics and dead languages. On most days she can be found daydreaming and worldbuilding for her books. She enjoys travelling, photography, and discovering new coffee shops (the search for a perfect writing spot continues).

Carl Alexandersson
Social Secretary

Carl is a third-year English Language and Literature student, most often found making puns or writing (m)essays. Syntax, typology, bilingualism, and language acquisition have all acquired a soft spot in his heart. Outside of linguistics, his hobbies include perusing cute bookshops, reading, writing cheesy love poems, asking for essay extensions, and avoiding the Duolingo bird.

Inès Lee
First Year Representative


Flame Darinov
Postgraduate Representative

Ognyan 'Flame' is an MSc Linguistics student and is currently the Postgrad Representative for LingSoc. With a background in European cultures, his academic interests have vacillated between linguistics and literature. His BA thesis was on the morphological realisations of definiteness in English and Bulgarian. Right now, his main field of interest is theoretical syntax. Apart from linguistics, Flame is passionate about reading and writing (poetry, prose, drama), multilingualism, philosophy, and video games.

Georges Sakr

Georges is a PhD student in Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh (after finishing his undergraduate studies in English Language at the American University of Beirut and both an MSc and MScR in Linguistics and the University of Edinburgh). He is passionate about languages, cultures, the arts, history, and the interaction between peoples; and his hobbies include programming, web design, photography, screenwriting, and series.